Family Events

Some of our member's favorite memories are those made at DG family events. Each year, Delta Gammas strive to keep parents actively involved through events such as Mom's Day and Dad's Day, and Parents Weekend!


Our Mom's Day happens each spring, and we always love having our moms on campus with us. This past February, we took a trip to the amazing Tulsa Farmers' Market and participated in a scavenger hunt for the landmarks of Tulsa! It was a wonderful day and look forward to what next year's event will hold!


Dad's Day is usually held in the Fall semester. This year we had a casino night, a tailgate on the NewU, and then took our dads to a Tulsa football game. We are so excited to see what's planned for next year!


Parents' Weekend is held on the same weekend as the University's Parents' Weekend! Parents are always excited to see Delta Gamma and we are always happy to have them there.

Through these family activities, parents are sure to better understand the sisterhood of Delta Gamma and the friendships that their daughter shares with her DG sisters!